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The film, an investigative thriller, based on actual real events occurring globally today, tells the story of two British journalists (GEORGINA SUTCLIFFE and RITA RAMNANI) that by chance, discover aviation's biggest cover-up. A serious in flight incident not disclosed by JASP Airlines reveals a hidden truth. Their investigation soon seeks to prove passengers have been knowingly put at risk since the 1950s. When new airline CEO (MARK DYMOND) discovers the darker side of the airline industry and its secret campaign of denial being withheld by airline owner (NICHOLAS DAY), he is faced with the moral dilema. Corporate profit or the public's safety? The film reveals facts that every airline passenger should watch before they next fly.



As the producer/director of the feature film 'A Dark Reflection', I believe that this film will play an important role in making air travel safer for everyone who flies. It will raise awareness to an aviation health and flight safety issue that few passengers know anything about, yet has been withheld from the public for over 50 years.

The film is an investigative thriller film, generally based around the ongoing serious Health and Flight Safety Implications From Exposure to Contaminated Air in Aircraft.

A year after completing the Ironman triathlon, in 2006, aged 44, I lost my medical certificate to fly as an airline captain due to repeated exposures to contaminated air on commercial aircraft. I am not alone. Passengers and crew around the world have also been exposed like I was. Some are no longer with us. I want to ensure the solutions that exist and which could protect everyone who flies become reality.

The film, the last feature film shot on Fuji 35mm film stock was filmed by Director of Photography Nicholas Eriksson. In production value terms, the film is said to be Britain's biggest co-operative film project to date. Support for the film came from film industry names like Arri Media and the Pinewood Group to the non profit groups like the Aerotoxic Association as well as crew unions like the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA-CWA), the world's largest labor union organised by flight attendants for flight attendants. We had the support of cash investors, actors, crew, suppliers and service providers. They all own the film in proportion to their investment or contribution. Over 1000 people helped make this film in one way or another.

The project evolved whilst researching a potential sequel to the ground breaking 2007 documentary Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines in November 2012. Pre-production started in January 2013 with first day of principle photography taking place on 25 June 2014. Filming principally was carried out in the UK (8 weeks) and Jordan (2 weeks) in 2013 with additional new scenes being filmed in spring 2014. The film completed post production in September 2014 and after a UK cinema release in 2015 was released in 2016.

International sales of the film are represented by Artist View Entertainment Inc in Los Angeles.

In February 2015, the key crew from A Dark Reflection embarked on making the definitive documemtary on the issue AEROTOXIC. This will be completed in 2017.

Captain Tristan Loraine
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